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  • Air cargo is how to charge it?
    Airfreight chargeable weight (chargable weight) is to look at the actual weight (gross weight) or volume weight (volume weight) which is relatively heavy, whichever is greater for the chargeable weight. Actual weight is clear is that the weight on the scale readout. Heavy volume is equal to the weight of a cubic foot 4.72 kg (1 ft ^ 3 = 4.72kg), which is a specific gravity (density) concept, because aircraft cargo space is limited, so the air and maritime different airlines like "heavy goods", ie, each only (1ft ^ 3) the weight of the heavier, more like airlines and if one only weighs less than 4.72kg, the airline will 4.72kg billing. Airfreight forwarders have called "and goods" (coload), and refers to the number of goods from different batches owner of the cargo, opened by the forwarder son of lading, shipment this number again, opening a single theme (master airway bill), and then transported to the airline.
  • How to improve the quality of air cargo services?
    Due to the flight of industry, so Taiwan's cargo has been in decline gradually, the former export freight industry have been in mainland China and Southeast Asia district. But still some high-precision instrument manufacturing is in Taiwan, so now the airline's results are from the Science Park of high-priced goods; and canvassing from abroad and then re-exported to Taiwan, in order to maintain a certain volume of cargo and results. However, a decade ago, Asia Pacific hub, is a relay for the transfer of Taiwan to enhance the timing of major stations, because of political factors, so that Taiwan can not seize the opportunity to move upward at the time, is quite unfortunate. Furthermore, because they could not tee, Hong Kong can not make out the status of the largest transfer station, and now China has been actively open fifth freedom rights, it can be imagined, the advantage of Taiwan in the absence of transport, there is no local exports, Taiwan's cargo, it is bound to be a dark period. Taiwan wants and then climb out of this dark period, you may have to go through a national big building. Create a self-export industries, self-sufficiency and then export
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We Offer Our Customers Fast、Perfect And Thoughtful Logistics Service.
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  • Taiwan's International Information
    Taiwan's international and domestic shipping is very convenient, relevant information about the various routes around the Port Authority see. However, due to be affected by weather conditions and the impact of factors such as capacity, most routes are not daily sail. Therefore, if we consider ways to travel by boat, then be sure to call ahead to confirm ship classes, then travel arrangements.
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