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The latest version of the customs regulations includes the addition of a dedicated section for drones and a specialized category for LED light sources. Published 2023-08-08

  In a bid to synchronize with international standards, the customs of Taiwan have recently updated import tariff regulations in accordance with the 2022 edition of the World Customs Organization's global commodity classification system. These amendments are set to be effective from June 23rd this year. Notably, the revisions introduce a distinct section for drones and a specialized category for LED light sources, addressing the advancements in technology.

  Keelung Customs emphasizes the need for importers and customs agents to be mindful of these alterations. The newly established drone section is organized by function and maximum takeoff weight. Passenger drones necessitate relevant authorization documents, with military drones requiring approval from the defense department. Moreover, high-altitude observation weather balloons necessitate documentation endorsed by the Central Weather Bureau, while the import of civilian aircraft mandates approval from the Ministry of Transportation's Civil Aviation Bureau.
  Regarding non-passenger drones, adherence to regulations for remote control devices designated as telecommunications-controlled radio frequency equipment is crucial. This entails obtaining either an import approval certificate or a specialized telecommunications-controlled radio frequency equipment import permit from the National Communications Commission. These changes are geared towards ensuring the adaptability of import tariff regulations and their alignment with the evolving technological landscape.
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