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"Customs Launches Online Employee Status Reporting for Businesses" Published 2023-09-05

  Customs has introduced a new regulation regarding the Hong Kong Trade Single Window, requiring businesses in contracting and customs declaration to report employee changes and departures online. Employees with contracting operation permits or customs declaration certificates must report these changes to customs within one working day, either in writing or online, and return their certificates to customs within seven days to avoid penalties.

   To enhance efficiency and security, the Customs Administration under the Ministry of Finance has amended certain provisions in the regulations related to contracting and customs declaration businesses. These amendments specify that businesses must report employee changes or departures to customs within one working day.
  In order to facilitate businesses to cooperate with the above policies, the Customs has immediately established the "Declaration of Resigned Employees by Customs Declarers (WJC06)" and "Declaration of Changed or Resigned Employees by Contractors (WJC07)" systems at the Customs and Port Trade Single Window (CPT). Businesses can Use your industrial and commercial certificate to log in to CPT (website: and enter the online appointment system to apply for online declaration (path: Certificate Customs Clearance Service/Voucher Login/Online Appointment System/Company Appointment Personal work/ (WJC06) Customs brokers report work for resigned employees or (WJC07) Contractors report work for changed or resigned employees).
   Customs encourages businesses to make effective use of the online reporting system. For any operational inquiries, businesses can contact customs service windows, where dedicated personnel will assist them.